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SPORTSassist has created a panel of professional providers which have been choosen specially due to their professionalism, standards of service and dedication to quality and value for money. We know that if your members are completely satisfied with the service they receive from highly qualified and approved providers they will keep coming back to us, recommending us and earning you more funds for your club. Thatís why SPORTSassist partners are of the highest standard in their sectors.
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Whether you are looking for personal cover to protect your mortgage and family or you are a business owner who needs to protect your key people - Est8 Planning can help. SPORTSassist have chosen them due to their 30 years experience in the mortgage and protection industry and an absolute passion for providing transparent and outstanding customer service. Specialists at ensuring their clients receive simple and straightforward explanations - allowing them to make informed choices. They research a wide range of well known insurance companies to find the most suitable products to meet their clients budget and needs.


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Douglas Baillie Ltd “The Pension Expert” was established to provide easy access to and jargon free information on the potential benefits of comparing your pension arrangements. For over 40 years in business the company has remained an independent company, which means they run their business in line with the interests of their clients. What’s more, they are not tied to any financial services provider and are free to recommend the best investments, pensions and life assurance policies from the best sources, always chosen by us to suit each client’s individual circumstances.






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