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You might be looking for a new strip or equipment, maybe your club is saving for improvements to your club house or a club social activity.  Whatever your reason most clubs that we first talk to are looking for a quick and easy cash injection solution.  We will donate £500 towards your fundraising in exchange for 10 of your members, supporters, family or friends using one of our services. SPORTSassist can support you in raising these funds by providing you with simple literature to distribute to your supporters.
SPORTSassist offer a variety of services, all result in a cash dividend being paid to your club.
Our services are required everyday by people associated with your club. How easy would it be for you to encourage them to talk to one of our professional providers and receive a cash dividend in reward. Your club could quickly start seeing a constant stream of funding. SPORTSassist can support you by providing simple marketing products for your supporters.
We know your time is valuable that’s why at SPORTSassist you will have a dedicated adviser who will support you and provide you with all the marketing tools you need to start raising funds quickly.
SPORTSassist is an amazingly simple concept that can easily transform your club's finances forever. SPORTSassist has created a panel of professional providers, all of whom are passionate about sport. Should anyone use a SPORTSassist service and nominate a sports club for payment, that club will receive a SPORTSassist cash dividend. So the more people who use SPORTSassist services and nominate your club, the more money your club will make. It is as simple as that. You can, like most of our clubs start raising a lump sum immediately using our ‘Kickstart’ initiative. You might like to ask us to help you with a constant stream of funds with our ‘Referral Rewards’. Or why not do both! The choice is yours but whichever you choose we promise to make it very simple by supporting your club all the way.
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